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At Justgrapes, we believe that wines don’t have to be either expensive or incomprehensible to be delicious. We handpick the best tasting wines from wineries around the world that offer the best value for money and classify them in the most understandable way.






Justgrapes is a cozy wine lounge offering a wide selection of wine. At Justgrapes, making wine and accessible for everyone is our priority, that is why we organize different kinds of private events to delight everyone’s taste. We organize wine tasting for beginners to aficionados and we make it fun. We can take you on a journey to whichever region you’re looking to discover. From the renowned regions of Bordeaux and Tuscany to the rolling hills of Barossa and Napa, our staff is accredited by WSET (Wine and Spirit Education Trust) to offer you the best experience in learning about wine.




While people have been enjoying the experience of tasting wine since ancient times, this practice became more formalized during the 14th century. As wine tasting is a multi-sensory experience, during this class, you will be able to learn the basics of how to taste wine through sight, smell, taste, and touch, while paying attention to a wine’s:

  • appearance
  • fragrance in the glass
  • mouth feel (sensation in the mouth)
  • finish (aftertaste)

For more information on private events and wine-tasting classes, please contact us.





如果您热衷于发现旧世界葡萄酒的魅力,或者如果您是青睐新世界葡萄酒的奔放口感,我们接受过 WSET培训(葡萄酒和烈酒教育基金会)的讲师都能透过精彩有趣的课程,让你有一场惊艳的品酒体验 。会给你最好的品酒体验。




  • 观色、摇晃、闻酒、品尝、回味

想了解更多私人活动和品酒课的信息, 请联系我们。




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